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Edge wound CoilsEdgewound Coils

  • Swiger offers edgewound coils manufactured from all new copper on tooling developed for specific machining.
  • Swiger also repairs and reinsulates coils.
  • Series edgewound coils and interpoles for DC motors and generators.
  • Edgewound Coils are also known as Edge Bent Coils or Edgewise Coils.
  • Edgewound Coil Data Sheet
edgewound coil, edgewound coils


Our 900 ton press is the heart of our operation. Such capabilities allow us to maintain continuous pressure during turn insulation curing and produce insulated edgewound coils of unmatched uniformity.




Edgewound CapabilitiesEdgewound Coils
  • Reinsulated edgewound coil & pole assemblies shipped ready to install.
  • Turbine coils wound with silver bearing copper.
  • Edgewound coils from a few pounds to several thousand pounds.
  • Main edgewound series coils and interpoles for DC Motors and generators.
  • Rotating fields from 10 inches to 25 feet and beyond for large, synchronous motors and generators.
  • Traction field coils for OEMs and repair shops for the transit industry
  • Rapid turn around on repair and reinsulation.
  • Wire widths in excess of 4", thickness from .032 to several inches formed on edge.
  • Traction motor coils
  • Blowout coils, reactor coils and induction coils.

Edgewound Coil Reinsulation Capabilities

  • Quickly and economically transform damaged edgewound coils into reliable coils.
  • Reinsulate and repair used edgewound coils.
  • OEM manufacturer of new edgewound coils.   
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Director of OEM/Edgewound Coils
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