Armature Winding

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Stator Winding  

Armature WindingThe armature winding is the main current-carrying winding in which the electromotive force or counter-emf of rotation is induced. The current in the armature winding is known as the armature current. The location of the winding depends upon the type of machine. The armature windings of dc motors are located on the rotor, since they must operate in union with the commutator. In DC rotating machines other than brushless DC machines, it is usually rotating.

Our Process

  • Build Core
    • Stack and Press Iron
  • Install shaft, equalizers and armature coils
  • Cut, machine and weld leads
  • Permanent banding
  • Curing and VPI
  • Undercuting
    • Remove excess mica
    • Clean bars
  • Balancing
  • Spin Seasoning
  • Diamond CutArmature Banding
  • Electric/Ground Test
  • Epoxy/Teflon band seal

The Swiger Coil Difference

Swiger Coil Systems has extensive expertise in customized precision armature winding manufacturing for transit and industrial markets. Stator rewinding and refurbishing services for traction motors are also available.


Capabilities and Technologies

New manufacturing equipment has been added in all departments and we've invested over $2 million in our business in the past few years. Finished Wound Armature


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Armature Winding  Armature Winding