D77 Traction Motor Repair

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SwigerTM Coil Systems is America's leading supplier of traction motor remanufacturing. We call our service remanfacturing because we repair and rebuild traction motors to OEM specifications. It is the equivalent to receiving a new motor directly from the OEM. Over 10,000 traction motors were remanufactured in the past 5 years using our expert experience and methodical electric motor repair process. Swiger Coil's remanufacturing process has continually improved to provide customers with flawless service and execution. Swiger Coil's extensive experience, combined with the best component suppliers, has enabled us to become the premier traction motor service center in North America.D77 Traction Motor Repair

D77 Basic Repair & Return Overhaul:

  • Disassemble
  • Steam Clean
  • Oven Dry
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
    • Surge Test
    • Ground Test
  • Coreloss the armature
  • VPI the frame and armature
  • Turn & Undercut
  • Balance
  • New ARS comm band
  • New bearings
  • Rebuilt brush holders
  • New carbon brushes
  • New seals and gaskets
  • NDT pinion
  • NDT PE housing
  • Pinion seal
  • Shaft shims
  • D77 Traction Motor Repair
  • Shim, axle cap, .009"
  • Oil filter caps
  • New hardware as needed
  • Run test under no-load condition
  • Check running vibration
  • Paint the motor

Other Work Performed if Necessary:

  • New leads & WAF
  • Weld & Machine
  • Wear plate
  • Re-insulate Coils

30 Years of Traction Motor Manufacturing Experience

Swiger Coil has manufactured and repaired traction motors for over 30 years. Our repair process has continually improved to provide our customers will flawless service and execution.

Extensive Testing and Quality Assurance

To ensure that every traction motor adheres to the highest quality and reliability; Swiger Coil thoroughly tests all traction motors. We utilize core testing, load testing and high speed run outs to ensure that the motor will operate to specifications. In addition, our OEM Motors are manufactured with 100% inspection on all parts to eliminate component failure. Our customers love our business because of our meticulous attention to detail and understanding of the mission critical role traction motors play in their business.

Contact Swiger Coil

Swiger Coil is committed to providing the best customer service and products.  Contact us today for more information about our products or services and what they can do your for business.


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